Tips for Preventing Flu and Coughing in the Office

Entering the transition season where hot and rainy weather alternates, it feels like the body is getting more and more easily infected with diseases such as flu and cough. Well, what if the one who is experiencing it is our colleague at the office? Well, it’s time for you to see 5 tips to prevent contracting the flu and cough in the following office environment!

Mask still valid
First of all, don’t take your mask off when you have to be in the same room or interact closely with other people. Make masks a habit that you can no longer leave. The effectiveness of wearing masks can prevent transmission of the virus up to 70% -85% depending on the distance and how to use the mask. Moreover, diseases such as flu and cough can be transmitted due to droplets from patients containing the virus being transmitted to other people when the sufferer coughs, sneezes or talks. In addition, masks will also protect you from air pollution that has the potential to cause respiratory problems.

Avoid eating together
Eating together while chatting during breaks is fun, but it’s best to avoid this! Because, when you eat together, you automatically have to take off the mask you are using. Interacting without a mask is like dealing with a virus without protection!

Discipline of taking vitamins
The body’s immunity, however, has an important role to ward off viral diseases that are around us. If your immune system is good, you are likely to survive and stay healthy despite being exposed to viruses around you. In addition to getting enough rest, eating nutritious food, exercising regularly, and keeping stress away, you also need to increase your intake of vitamins so that your immune system is better. Don’t be slack!

Prepare warm clothes
It’s true that the cause of the flu is a virus—not the weather or room temperature. However, cold room temperatures like most office spaces are ideal places for virus transmission. Colder temperatures can not only create conditions that are hospitable to viruses, but cold weather can also make us more susceptible to contracting it. So there is no harm in always preparing warm clothes at the office such as a jacket or sweater.

Understand the conditions and take care of each other
The office environment is a place where people from different places meet. Therefore, it is necessary for you and your colleagues to be aware of health. If someone has flu and cough symptoms, it’s best to rest at home until the condition improves rather than forcing yourself to go to the office and risk transmitting the virus to others.