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These are 4 Powerful Juices to Lower Blood Pressure

High blood pressure aka hypertension is a condition that should not be taken lightly. Therefore, it is necessary to know how to reduce it, one of which is by consuming blood pressure lowering juice. This is said to help control and keep blood pressure stable. So, what types of drinks can be consumed?

Normal blood pressure in adults is 100-120/60-90 mmHg. Blood pressure is said to be high if the results of the examination show a number above 130/90 mmHg. This condition must be treated to reduce the risk of complications, such as stroke and heart attack. People with hypertension usually have to take medication to control their blood pressure.

In addition to taking medication regularly, adopting a healthy lifestyle is also important for people with hypertension. One of them is by consuming lots of high blood-lowering foods and drinks, such as fruit juices. Because, fruit contains a lot of … Read the rest