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Reasons People Choose Herbal Medicine

Since ancient times, traditional medicine or also known as herbal medicine, has been trusted to treat various diseases. In recent times, many people have returned to choosing herbal medicines to overcome their health problems. Not without reason, the following are some of the reasons why the popularity of herbal medicines has penetrated the times and is still an option today.

Parent’s Recommendation
Many young people are interested in trying herbal remedies because there are recommendations from previous generations, such as parents or other older families. Their experience becomes a reliable enough reference so that there is a tendency to try and prove themselves.

Tested Efficacy
The efficacy of herbal medicine has also been proven. Each ingredient has health benefits, both when consumed separately or in combination. For example, lime which is efficacious to relieve inflammation, honey to suppress coughs that usually recur in cold temperatures, thymi which can help expel … Read the rest