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Tips for Preventing Flu and Coughing in the Office

Entering the transition season where hot and rainy weather alternates, it feels like the body is getting more and more easily infected with diseases such as flu and cough. Well, what if the one who is experiencing it is our colleague at the office? Well, it’s time for you to see 5 tips to prevent contracting the flu and cough in the following office environment!

Mask still valid
First of all, don’t take your mask off when you have to be in the same room or interact closely with other people. Make masks a habit that you can no longer leave. The effectiveness of wearing masks can prevent transmission of the virus up to 70% -85% depending on the distance and how to use the mask. Moreover, diseases such as flu and cough can be transmitted due to droplets from patients containing the virus being transmitted to other people when … Read the rest