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Benefits of bitter gourd to prevent cancer

Bitter gourd (momordica charantia) or also known as bitter gourd comes from the state of Kerala, South India. Vegetables that are still a relative with cucumber and zucchini have often been used to treat many health problems. Pare is known as a natural remedy to fight diabetes.

Experts from the University of Saint Louis in Missouri made an interesting discovery regarding bitter gourd. In experiments on mice, bitter gourd extract appeared to be effective in preventing cancer tumors from growing and spreading. The researchers report their findings in a study paper that now appears in the journal Cell Communication and Signaling.

Researchers are also looking for the efficacy of these plants as medicine. They wondered whether bitter gourd, a traditional remedy for diabetes, could also protect against cancer. As a result, the researchers conducted trials in a preliminary study using bitter gourd extract on various types of cancer cells, including … Read the rest