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Unknown Health Benefits of Cedarwood Oil

Cedarwood oil comes from the leaves, bark and fruit of the cedar tree. This essential oil is extracted through three ways of distillation, namely steam, carbon dioxide and pressing in cold temperatures.

Distillation is a separation process based on the boiling point and vapor pressure. Cedar essential oil is usually made by steam distillation technique.

This oil has antiseptic, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, diuretic and antifungal properties that can improve body health. The benefits range from preventing hair loss to improving sleep quality.

Benefits of Cedarwood Oil
1. Prevents Hair Problems
The spread of cedarwood oil can prevent alopecia areata. This condition is caused by an autoimmune disease. The immune system of the sufferer will attack and damage the hair roots, causing hair loss and baldness.

These benefits are proven through research in 1998 which is outlined in the Archives of Dermatology Trusted Source. The results show that sufferers experience significant hair … Read the rest

Tips for Preventing Flu and Coughing in the Office

Entering the transition season where hot and rainy weather alternates, it feels like the body is getting more and more easily infected with diseases such as flu and cough. Well, what if the one who is experiencing it is our colleague at the office? Well, it’s time for you to see 5 tips to prevent contracting the flu and cough in the following office environment!

Mask still valid
First of all, don’t take your mask off when you have to be in the same room or interact closely with other people. Make masks a habit that you can no longer leave. The effectiveness of wearing masks can prevent transmission of the virus up to 70% -85% depending on the distance and how to use the mask. Moreover, diseases such as flu and cough can be transmitted due to droplets from patients containing the virus being transmitted to other people when … Read the rest

Reasons People Choose Herbal Medicine

Since ancient times, traditional medicine or also known as herbal medicine, has been trusted to treat various diseases. In recent times, many people have returned to choosing herbal medicines to overcome their health problems. Not without reason, the following are some of the reasons why the popularity of herbal medicines has penetrated the times and is still an option today.

Parent’s Recommendation
Many young people are interested in trying herbal remedies because there are recommendations from previous generations, such as parents or other older families. Their experience becomes a reliable enough reference so that there is a tendency to try and prove themselves.

Tested Efficacy
The efficacy of herbal medicine has also been proven. Each ingredient has health benefits, both when consumed separately or in combination. For example, lime which is efficacious to relieve inflammation, honey to suppress coughs that usually recur in cold temperatures, thymi which can help expel … Read the rest