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When Should You Take Cough Medicine?

Not a few people who rush to take cough medicine when a cough strikes. Are you one of them? Come on, know when cough medicine should be consumed, so that this complaint can be handled properly.

Coughing is not actually a disease, but rather the body’s natural response to clear the respiratory tract of phlegm and irritants, such as smoke or dust; or from infectious causes, such as viruses or bacteria.

Generally, the cough will subside on its own within a few days to about 2-3 weeks without the need for special drugs. However, because it can interfere with comfort, not a few people want to immediately overcome this complaint in various ways. One that is quite common is to take cough medicine.
Recognizing the Types of Cough

Cough management must be adjusted to the type of cough and the causes that accompany it. If categorized from the duration of … Read the rest