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Here are 6 Benefits of Herbal Drinks for Health

The benefits of herbal drinks for the health of the body have been believed for a long time. Drinks made from steeping herbs and herbs are also often used to treat various diseases. In addition, there are still many benefits that can be obtained by consuming herbal drinks.

Indonesia is known to be rich in spices and medicinal plants. These ingredients are often processed into herbal drinks that are rich in benefits and good for the health of the body.

Herbal Drink Ingredients and How to Make It
Herbal drinks are often called healthy drinks because the ingredients used have many health benefits. The following are some types of spices or herbaceous plants that are commonly used in making herbal drinks:

Rhizomes, such as ginger, turmeric, kencur, and temulawak
Leaves, such as betel leaf and aloe vera
Stems, like lemongrass
Bark, like cinnamon
Flowers, such as chrysanthemums (chrysanthemum)

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