Benefits of bitter gourd to prevent cancer

Bitter gourd (momordica charantia) or also known as bitter gourd comes from the state of Kerala, South India. Vegetables that are still a relative with cucumber and zucchini have often been used to treat many health problems. Pare is known as a natural remedy to fight diabetes.

Experts from the University of Saint Louis in Missouri made an interesting discovery regarding bitter gourd. In experiments on mice, bitter gourd extract appeared to be effective in preventing cancer tumors from growing and spreading. The researchers report their findings in a study paper that now appears in the journal Cell Communication and Signaling.

Researchers are also looking for the efficacy of these plants as medicine. They wondered whether bitter gourd, a traditional remedy for diabetes, could also protect against cancer. As a result, the researchers conducted trials in a preliminary study using bitter gourd extract on various types of cancer cells, including … Read the rest

The Benefits of Ginger Can Overcome Nausea

Each spice has a distinctive aroma and taste, although almost all of them are strong. No wonder this spice is used as a flavor enhancer in food. For example ginger, which is used to make food more delicious and the aroma is more fragrant. However, not only that, ginger is very effective in dealing with various health problems.

Such as flatulence, colds, to sore throat. Brewing ginger boiled water with the addition of honey makes the body warmer and expels flatulence. Then, there are those who say that nausea can be overcome with this spicy spice. Is that right?

An unfit body often occurs when you are tired, sleep deprived, or stressed. Usually, symptoms that appear such as you lack energy, lethargy, and often feel nauseous, to vomiting because they are identical to symptoms of colds. Maybe, the problem of nausea and vomiting is trivial for you, but in fact, … Read the rest

Regularly Consuming Ginger? Here are the Benefits

Ginger is a plant originating from Southeast Asia, of course as an Indonesian it is fairly easy to get it. It is also mentioned that ginger is one of the healthiest spices in the world so many people outside of Asia want it either in powder form or whole. Not a few people who import preparations from this plant because of high demand.

However, what is the specialty of the benefits of ginger on the body? There is interesting evidence that we can see about the benefits of ginger. According to the journal in the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health – regarding the efficacy of ginger, it turns out that ginger has the potential to treat a number of diseases including degenerative disorders (arthritis and rheumatism).

Not only that, according to the journal above, ginger can also overcome digestive problems (constipation and ulcers), cardiovascular disorders (atherosclerosis … Read the rest

Rarely Known, These are 7 Benefits of Herbal Drinks for Health

Indonesia is famous for its rich spices and medicinal plants. For example like ginger, lemongrass, turmeric, cinnamon, and so on. These ingredients are often processed into herbal drinks that are rich in benefits and good for the health of the body. One of the most popular herbal drinks in Indonesia is ginger tea or wedang mixed with lemongrass.

Besides being able to warm the body, ginger and lemongrass contained in herbal drinks such as ginger wedang can provide various benefits, including:
1. Prevents Various Dangerous Diseases
Ginger and lemongrass are spices that are rich in antioxidant compounds. Antioxidants are compounds that can protect the body from excessive exposure to free radicals in the body. The reason is, free radicals can trigger the occurrence of various dangerous diseases. For example, such as heart disease, cancer, or neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

2. Relieves Nausea
Ginger has long been used … Read the rest